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RE: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Oh great. Now, what do YOU want?


Because I believe you didnt want ME. No one does. They just want something FROM me. Or to use something OF me.

I like to think I'm not that complicated.

But when I really want you to want me, I push you away.

I run you off.

On purpose.

I'm really messed up.

What I want I push away.

And the more I want the more backwards I get.

It's kinda like if I cause myself pain on my terms, run you off in my time, then its safer.

So, here we go again.

This time, I'll run em off earlier. That will help prevent any possibility of any type off hurt.


Because I like you.

Im comfratble with you.

I dont want new friends.

I dont want the risk of anything more.

I dont want any pain.

Therefore, you gotta go.