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she probably doesn’t like me anyways. i take what she says to seriously just hoping iT means there’s a Chance. until i find out it was someone else she had her eye on. all the way from misclicks to asking for a username. i know she doesn’t like me and i know she never will. i keep trying to say i don’t like her but i know i do. and that’s the part that hurts. it’s to the point where i don’t know why i ever liked her in the first place. and what hurts more is not knowing why i like her so much. she makes me HIDE. she’s asked out multiple people multiple times and i always sit there waiting for my turn. but it’s not my turn. i don’t think my turn is soon. in fact, i don’t think there are turns. i don’t think i have a chance. i don’t think i ever will. and i’m sure that’s how it will remain. no matter how much i’m ONLINE. i’m just. forever. on. read.

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sucks ik

ive liked this guy and we became close, but close until he told me he just confessed to this girl and they’re tgt and i cried for days


well since then i’ve been trying to read more

i’m drowning myself in poems

and i think i’m doing ok now but if u wanna talk i’m on

ig: beanz_gd