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Hey. I just decided to come on here anonymously because people don’t know who u are. I feel really lonely at the moment. Nobody understands how I’m feeling. I try talking to my boyfriend but he just think I’ll be okay. I feel like I’m a nobody and rn I have a blade against my wrist. I already have bloody lines but it feels good to create more. I deserve it. My sister is a literal heather and my family adore her. I struggle with my body image and I just wanna die y’all but I love you all and whatever you go through just know that you can get through it.

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Hi, idk if I have social or generalised anxiety and I do self harm, I don't cut/burn tho, please don't cut yourself, go to the freezer and find an ice cube or a chunk of frozen peas and squease it in your fist. I understand you. I have a best friend who understands me but I still feel lonely. You don't deserve pain, you deserve love. God loves you, I don't know you but I love you, and I care about you. Find something to focus on, maybe get a sim or a plant and focus on keeping it alive. Also, God made every cell in your body, he made you beautiful. And now you know how beautiful you are (I'm not a creep I promise) please don't harm your body. You are not a nobody, you are loved. At the end of what you wrote you said 'I love you all and whatever you go through just know that you can get through it.' Whatever you are going through, you can and you will get through it.Mental illness makes us feel weak, but it only proves our strength. God bless. :)

Hey there, im feeling sorta the same rn, my boyf thinks ill be fine and hes got his own problems so i dont wanna be a burden. But honestly it will get better, and i know it doesnt feel like it. And uno what idc if i get creeps adding me snap me - larafox_hill

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