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Read this if you're feeling negative.

You are enough. You are valid and you are loved. Don't let anyone, including yourself, ever tell you that you are not. There is and will always be someone in this world that loves you. Someone who is proud to say that they know you. You're so strong and you reading this right now alone shows me how strong you are. You've come so far. Keep pushing. I know it's hard and sometime you just wanna give up but just keep on pushing. Take breaks when you need them but never quit. You're gonna go so great in life. You're gonna get so far and its alright if you had to get a little help along the way. You are amazing.

I am so, so, so proud of you. I love you♡

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Nice sentiment...but ...not everyone is loved.. some of us have lost everyone . ...

We are unloved... uncared about.... practically invisible...

But thanks for the attempt at kindness.... it's appreciated... It's a rare thing in the world today....

I can't remember the last time I had an actual...face to face conversation with another human being....I feel like I'm slowly disappearing.... fading away... drifting...

Just reading this positive post is so encouraging, i feel like quitting everyday of my life, feel so burnt out and lost that its killing me. Somedays are so nice and positive but there are only some of those day’s, i know its going to get better, but the journey is very taxing, its wearing me out...

had plans to travel and take some little break but this covid has put an end to that as well. Just stuck in chaos, thoughts of future scare me, but i know my lord is by my side.

please grant me the strength lord to fight through, im aware i don’t count the innumerable blessings you have given, just focus on the negative things that have not happened. Please take me to a positive cycle.

love you always you are my only true selfless friend, cannot wait for the day I join you in peace.

I feel the same way. If I could reach out and hug you. At least we have each other

I don’t want to be here either. What for. I have nothing and no one to live for.

nothing but pain and abusive and ring taken advantage of.

I shouldn’t have been born. Why do I get verbally and emotionally beat all the time. Why