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im 14. living with my mom and dad and i just dont know what to do. my mom she’s emotionally abusive very actually. i go to day treatment alternative school because i got kicked out of public school or expelled. and shes just so hard on me because of it. i also have severe depression and anxiety disorders and she knows what to say to me to really hurt me and she does she really says terrible things. i told her these past few days people have been texting me telling me i should cuy deeper next time and telling me to kill myself and she said maybe you should try taking your medicine when she knows i take it everyday and i tell my doctor every appointment somethings not right with it like it doesnt help me and he refuses to switch it. i told her i felt like maybe im gonna try n commiting again she said maybe i should. and its just a really bad situation for me and i dont know to do. ive contacted people atleast three times i told my guidance counselor at school she called cps they came to my house and nothing happened they said they couldnt do anything. that made my mom mad. wich made it worse. i just need advice on what to do please?

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