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read this please i need to say this

when i was 12-13 a boy told me he liked me and wants to be with me. i was a kid and i also liked him.

there were so many signs that i paid attention enough i wouldn’t step into that “relationship”.

he started to control me

he asked me to stop being friends with my childhood bfs (they were my closest ones and also boys)

he asked for my social media passwords but never gave me his

asked me to delete one of my social medias

asked me to stay at home when he is not around

tell him everything i do and everywhere i go . i wasnt really understanding what he was doing i thought maybe that is a lot but thats okay cuz thats how relationships work.

but that wasnt it.

if i wasnt near him he would make a fight out of it. thats when he started slapping me. i was a child i didn’t understand what was going on.

we were together for 5-6 months.

he was my first kiss and i am so sad and ashamed because of it that i tell everyone i havent had my first kiss yet.

you might think i could be that serious but it was he did and said horrible things to me he is still my worst trauma.

we broke up finally and he told everyone lies about me even my friends stopped talking to me.

i am 17 now i saw him after few times i finally talking to my friends they apologized to me .

i moved my house and i found out that he lives near me. i have anxiety because of him now i cant go out for a walk with my dog or my parents i am afraid i will see him.

i hate all of this so much. i cant sleep at night because of this.

if i had a chance i would do everything to not meet him at all.