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Really hurting rright now

I told him. I confessed my love to him. And you know what? He loves me too. But we cant be together so we have to move on. And i fucking hate it. I fucking hate myself. I just want to curl up and die. I never should have fucking said anything. How could i be that fucking stupid? Im so heartbroken. I just want to die. I know hes right but still. I should have just stayed quiet. I ahould have just remained not knowing. This is so much fucking worse. To know that he feels like i do but to not be together. I fucking hate it. I fucking hate myself.

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Re: Really hurting rright now

It’s not your fault you wanted to tell him how you felt and it’s not your fault he likes you back. Because of circumstances you can’t be together and that’s not something you can control. Just continue your relationship with him like it was before. It doesn’t matter if you know how he feels, just let it be. Maybe one day you both will be together, who knows? You’re not stupid, nothing is your fault, and you shouldn’t have stayed quiet. If you can’t continue your relationship at least make sure you’ll never lose contact if circumstances were to pass. If not, fate will bring you together if it’s meant to be as cliche as that sounds. When we’re blinded by our feelings it’s hard to see that maybe there will be someone better. Please don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re okay. The relationship doesn’t have to be romantic if you want to continue. Please let me know your thoughts.

I really appreciate your words. And i truly hope with all my soul that when the situation changes maybe we can be together. He is my best friend and i dont want to lose him. God it sucks so much. My heart is broken but youre right, whats meant to be will be. Thank you for replying.

I hope you too can put things aside and continue your relationship from where you left off until the time is right. Please be kind to yourself, hurtful words won’t help you and people in your life love you very much. You don’t deserve it. If you can, you should tell him how you feel —about not wanting to sever the relationship and how you feel emotionally. Whatever happens will be for the best. Take great care of yourself🐰