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recent questions i can't ask

I've done a lot of mental research since elementary school, I considered this playing a part in my, recent, superiority complex. After messaging some other mental-therapy enthusiasts and real genuine psychologists, the way I described my well being and life. Apparently, I could have bpd or a bipolar disorder, I assured them that couldn't be the case since all I had was depression and anxiety.

After talking with them more, when we talked about me one day since it was my turn to share for the week. They said that my triggers didn't just alert my panic attacks but it sounds like what ptsd is but for one person, not an event. I was starting to think that I made a mistake, maybe I'm overreacting since they think I have serious illnesses.

I feel like my mind is lying to me and worse to professionals.

Does bpd often make inferiority episodes, or gaps in a overall numbness? Is it a normal feeling to say you're inferiority complex is why you "have a superiority complex?"

All I know about bpd is from my sister, she has more numbness than her constant depressive state. I never thought I could become something like that, but I get how she feels about the constantly having to assure yourself ordeal. My natural state seems to be more riled up than her numbness but apparently that comes with time.

Is all bpd the same, and is it valid to say someone has bpd symptoms even if they don't understand it fully?

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Re: recent questions i can't ask

Hey there,

I dont have BPD myself but I do have a friend who has it. Even if you aren't diagnosed with it, it is completely ok to say that you are exhibiting symptoms of it. If that helps you with finding ways to cope with it/understand yourself, that's totally fine. My friend often sees herself as worthless or thinks she is fake but at the same time sees herself as the center of everything if that makes sense. It seems like your symptoms might be something you should look further into. I wish you the best of luck!