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I broke up with him, yes it was only 2 months but he wiggled himself into my heart. I shattered it. I thought I lost my feelings and I was questioning my persona, everything. Well guess what... some feelings are still there but I'm too prideful to admit it. Pride over love, just amazing. He still loves me but he's already talking to someone new and it's been a couple days. That's gonna be a regret I will always remember. I'm just gonna drown myself in bad habits you know? Like I always do when things happen.😞


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Re: Regret

It's always that regrets, you won't do things you should've done anymore. His heart is shattered, not disintegrated so you might wanna fix it. Give him some good time, maybe another chance. Don't worry to admit it if you know he still loves you. Besides, he's talking to someone doesn't mean he moved on fully, maybe he wanted to lose his feelings but at the same time he won't. Just give yourself and him another chance, try to fix it together. Do the teamwork. You still have the feeling even if it's a spark, but if you guys just work together it might work out and both of your love feelings might be flashing enough! That's all I wanted to say. It's still your choice if you want to get him back because he still wants you but it's still up to you. I hope you good luck, whatever choice you made.

-V.V's FH(h)