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Regretting things

Last night for the first time I saw my parents beating my elder sister..because she has a boyfriend with criminal records..previously there were always arguments but last night I saw how terrible that was I thought they are gonna kill her..i called the police in panic and made things worse..now I am regretting things because what I did was immature move..i called police on my loving parents..police knew my sister's boyfriend n told me he's a bad guy and my sister has no future with him..

I don't know if I am sensitive person or feeling guilty but I can't stop crying I can't stop thinking and focus on my studies or anything.

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Re: Regretting things

Based on my exp as a teen,including those I grew up with, even the best of parents, including my own, can get outthand when it comes to dishin out the disipline.Lookin back, I can honestly see they were doing outta love/concern for my wellbeing, to which Im grateful b/c it taught me boundry's and dire concequences for pushin the limit. Your parents were likely too deep into the emotional turmoil this had caused them to be aware of how much they were physically hurting her.It happens...Possiblly, their FEAR for what might happen to the whole family as a result of this BF being around, played a part in the needing to get the point across if even by attrition, for everyones own good. If they truly are loving parents, they have come to their senses by now and likely feel horrible knowing that even though they may have felt this was necessary,they know they went too far in hindsight. Musta been pretty bad to really feel her life was in danger and I do applaud you for callin the cops! Dont think you were being overly sensitive at all.Im sure the folks, feeling what their likely feeling "Now", wont hold this against ya. Might even think ya done the right thing, but likely wont "show"it. (gotta keep up the "IM the parent YOUR the child" image).You dont alude to anything, to this degree, ever happenin like this in the past,(pattern) so Im hoping this is extreme rare occurrence. With you and your parents in agreement about this guy, along with the lecture she likely got from the cops, lets hope she at least has some 2nd thoughts now.Love makes ya do irresponsible, outta character,often desperate things to satisfy the heart, so I wont be surprised if she has to learn the hard way BUT, She's obviously gonna see the desperation in her parents degree of punishment used, and hopefully see the serious consequences her choice may bring.Let some time go by, giving everyone a chance to sort this out. Things always change/perspectives right vrs wrong) after the heat of the moment cools down. In My past EXPs, its almost always for the better. Likel I say, I think ya did the right thing. Hold to that while things cool down and worry about you right now. Cool?