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I don't get it. I would have gotten rid of him so long ago--give him to his father. He is literally unlovable, why does she reward him so much? Why does she allow him to be such a little fucking shit? He's messed up in the damn head and she won't take him to a psychologist or something. His stupid fucking obsession with being the best--thinks he's the best. Everything is a competition. Pretty sure he has oppositional defiant disorder but nope, not in her eyes. Never in her eyes. Not her boy. Actually fucking stupid. Dismissing it like that. I'll laugh so fucking hard on the day in which he strikes her. Oh wait, he already does that. But children will be children, right? "He'S jUsT a KiD." No, he's 10, and you've been using that same fucking excuse since he was 4, you stupid fucking bitch. You know what? It's probably your shitty fucking parenting that fucked the kid over. Fucking hate them both.