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Relationship help

Oh where do I begin. I am in a relationship with my his guy. I love him, but he is really controlling. He has threatened to break up with me 3 times because I wouldn’t do what he wanted. He manipulates me into doing things I’m not comfortable with. He won’t let me talk to old friends and he gets Mad when I watch tv shows with cute guys because he gets “jealous”. He won’t let me do my own thing without judgment. He has grabbed my arm so tightly that it left bruises. if I choose to watch a show over talking to him he makes me feel really bad. He blames me constantly and we are always arguing. We always make up and I feel like he loves me. I don’t know what to do.

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Re: Relationship help

i hope you’re safe...please please please don’t be with him anymore...no one should treat someone else like that...if you live with him stay with someone you trust...no matter what he does don’t go back...and I know it’s not easy to leave someone...even if they’re toxic...but do this for yourself...do this so you can find someone who truly loves you...