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Relationship of 8 years, crush on someone else


I have been in a relationship for about 8 years with my gf now. We plan to marry in 2-3 years. I love her and am extremely loyal to her, and let every girl in my social circle know that I am taken. However, recently I made a new friend and she is not at all my type, but for some reason I feel attracted to her.

Weirdly, it’s not a very physical attraction, but some form of attraction, where I end up looking forward to our next encounters, stalking her Instagram.

My attraction towards my gf has reached to serious lows. I love her and care for her, but am barely attracted to her and barely crave for her attention.

I don’t know what to do. If I speak about this to my gf, it will break her heart. How do I make it stop/go away?

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Re: Relationship of 8 years, crush on someone else

Spend some serious time seriously thinking about what this attraction means to you. Some form of attraction to another person besides your longtime girlfriend is not uncommon. I think the biggest thing about it is to understand yourself and understand what the attraction really means. Eight years is a good chunk of time, and sometimes things seem boring and mundane in long-term relationships. It doesn't mean this new attraction is a legitimate reason to throw those years away. We're human. We're attracted to other humans whether we know how to deal with it or not. Just take some time to reflect on what you need and want out of your relationships. Best of luck.