Relationship.. What to do?

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I need help.. me and my husband are together for almost 16years and 6years married.. 6years ago he cheated on me for almost a year before I found out.. I forgave him and started over.. note, we have a little boy, almost 9years. Everything went all good for 3 to 4 years and then I caught him in a friends apartment with other girls taken photos of their naked bodies. Again I forgave him, he actually admitted he got a problem and I must help him and so I did. A year went by and then caught him again, he said it wasn’t physically and again I forgave him. We sorted out our problems and moved on. I thought we where in a happy place, a wonderful family, a house full of love. Last year December he talked to his mother how unhappy he is in our marriage. Yet again everything was my fault. He blame shift everything to me.. He said the reason he is so distant towards me is because my mother cant get over my fathers death(last year May) Im the only child so she phones me a lot and will cry and tells me how she misses my dad. What do I do, I will talk to my husband about it. As far as I know, when you are in a relationship your spouse is your best friend and just not your lover. In his eyes, he doesnt want to know anything about my mothers problems. Neither my work problems nothing. He will say to me it doesn’t help you telling me this stuff because Im not listening. He will push me away, wont touch me(he actually said that he doesnt want to touch me) Intimacy, cant remember when!!!!! He changed his phone password but I know he downloaded Tinder ons his phone. So there is something he is hiding.. I love him so much, but my main question now.. do I mistake love to Im used to him, the way he is treating me? He will call other girls my dear, my love and and and... but will call me on my name. I scared to walk out, Im scared of raising a boy alone without his father. My little boy loves his father sooooo much, his dad is his hero. I asked him if he wants to walk out of the relationship, he cant even answer me. When I want to talk, he will just say to me he is not in the mood for the talk. Everything inside me is hurting.. but he will say to me how come you always look like that? Why cant I smile and be happy??? How do I do that and to know this man that I love so dearly doesnt wants to be with me and wants to move out? I so damn scared..

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