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Relationships why?

I am the type of person that doesn't care much for relationships, but I'll be down just for the experience not for 'love' or anything. PDA to me is disturbing, any type! I don't even hold on to people that close to me always an arms length, metaphorically I mean. People feel entitled to label me asexual, dike, or lesbian. I know I'm straight just not interested in people like that. I don't care for the sexual things nor the emotional things. At this point it might be ignorance, friends cry cause they got broken up and I cannot nor do feel obligated to comfort them. I just tell them, "it's fine, what's wrong with being single? You lived without them, what's do difficult now?" They call me stone hearted or even cold hearted. Sorry...if I don't find the point in dating or relationships. Touching is not my thing.

I grew up around guys and called them my brothers, even though we weren't related. I lived my life like that and in elementary school my mom would get mad cause I didn't have any girl friends leading her to call me, "lesbian hoe, trifflin' trash, wanna be trans" None of those were true I am straight and I'm not trans. Now because I don't want to date anyone she calls me, "dike, lonely ass, ratchet". Like what do people want from me. Should a act more caring even though I couldn't careless. I'm not trying to be cold I just don't understand why so I can't react.

Sorry for turning the people who liked my down because I wasn't interested. Sorry friends who I just gave a shoulder to cry on but couldn't say anything useful or advice. Sorry world for not wanting to be in a relationship to satisfy your social norms of a teenager.

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Re: Relationships why?

I don't think it's stone hearted if you say that to your friends,lolz that's the bitter truth they got to accept. Anyways what's wrong with being single, In my opinion I am happy without any relationship, I know that cause I've been in one and know how it feels like. Being single is divine really, I feel wild n all cause I don't have to think about someone. Well it's alright to be single and your mom shouldn't have told you that, you just need someone supporting really. BTW I'll be supporting you girl, you gotta whole life ahead, even if you don't wanna date then don't date. Do what you want and don't care about your mom's cursing lolz.

to me i feel it be lonely to not have anyone close by or in a serious long term relationships i care about being tired down for a long time i don't think there is anything wrong with what your saying but to others let them know what you dont want im the kind of person that would get emotionally attached to someone because i have fallen hard for people in my life...