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If anyone could comment with advice, I would really appreciate it, I've been dating this girl for 8months now, when we started dating she used to reply to my messages as soon as she could but now she'd first update her status, post something on Facebook and then she'll reply afterwards, I really love her, nd she claims that she loves me too, she'd say alotta lovely things but it don't feel like she means it, she never ever asks me for help but I'm always there for emotional support, I really want to be with her but, I don't know how to explain but whenever I decide not to chat with her, I feel hurt the most, and u really wana stop feeling that way, I just want her to love me the same way I love her, I can't breakup with her either because the emotional pain is unbearable, I'm unable to focus on my studies, tbh I can't even eat properly, thank you for reading my story and if you can, please share some advice I really need It