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Religion is preventing me from having sexual relationships.

I'm just so horny. I need sex so bad. I'm 35 and I have never had sex. But I really really want to. But I can't because of my religion. Sometimes I think being religious sucks. Why are we given sexual desires but aren't allowed to act on it? Instead we have to get married first before we're allowed to have sex. But I need love to marry someone. If I don't love them then there's no point of getting married. I masturbate about 3 times per day and still would get horny all the time. If sex weren't a taboo thing I would have had it a long time ago. One of these days I might just say screw it and just go for it.

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Re: Religion is preventing me from having sexual relationships.

hey, I've seen quite a few people leave their religion or turn away from their culture for various reasons.

As a human. Its normal for you to feel that way. But as a man that never had love. I just cant imagine that.

I left my beliefs behind me.

I still hold some with me.

I hope you find your path or partner real soon.

Being religious is supposed to free and liberate you, provide you hope and purpose in life. If being religious is holding you down and not having a positive impact in life, maybe it’s time to question it and let it go. And most importantly, questioning the preachings of your religion does not stop you from having faith in god.