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Religion = The ultimate cockblock

I am so tired of the term ”god fearing”. It’s a pain in the ass navigating through the dating world as an atheist. I happen to enjoy the company black women more than white woman. I’ll often meet a woman, she’ll be smart, attractive, funny, we’ll have things in common, be working towards a good report with each other, and then religion comes into play. It slams the brakes on the whole thing when you find out she’s looking for a ”god fearing” man. I’m tempted to start lying. I mean, I spent most of my childhood and teens going to a Christian school, church on Sundays, and youth group every Wednesday. I could pull off the lie. But I know that’s not me. I’m not going to lie about my religious beliefs, or lack of beliefs. I do however wish religion didn’t play such a large part in things.