Rephrasing - I do not know how to treat a family

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I got a computer when I was 7, and it became my closest friend.

My parents would leave all day long with my computer.

I don't recall much of my past.

I know my uncle burned our house down cause he wanted money

My Grand-mother was part of this plot

Just like when me and brother had police over us for weeks because death treat being real

All this because of money and jealousy

Our own family, wanting money from my father and his successful business

They burned our house down to the ground.

My mother betrayed my father and left him for employees she was fucking.

My father abandoned me to uncles, which abandoned me.

My mom abandoned me, more then once.

I did my high school, Secondary 2 to 5

Working at Walmart at night emptying vans

My shift will finish 6am, I'll put my roller blade do 40 min.

Arrive at school and do like anything other kids.

My brother stole me more then once, my brother hurt me more than once.

Now I have a family of my own, and I have no clue what I am suppose to do.

I've scared of everybody.