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Reply “All lives matter”

I don’t know your race but I do know that there are people from many different ethnic backgrounds who do not like when people talk about racial discrimination. The problem though is that most of us are uncomfortable discussing it because we don’t want anyone reminding us that we are oppressed. A lot of us want to get on with their day without being reminded that people look down on us we don’t want to hear it. But unfortunately some of the people who are affected by these matters are dying and not only that they are being denied opportunities that most people take for granted.

I think people who are philanthropists and who care about other people would never try to make a movement to create equality among different groups something about themselves. BLM is not about me and it’s not about you. It is about families who have lost their loved ones because of racially motivated violence.

If someone denied you a job opportunity because of your race, nationality, passport, skin colour, or any other physical attribute not having anything to do with your qualifications for the job, you would be on here complaining about how hard life is. So I suggest that you take a very good look around at how privileged you are and leave people to assert their rights as they see fit.