reply to keeping snakes as pets and snake phobias

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I think many people fear snakes because of all the myths about them and the lack of knowledge for which ones are dangerous. I researched biology and animals (especially reptiles) ever since I was three so I am used to reptiles and I know a lot about them. Other people tend to get scared because they have been taught to be afraid of snakes.

Some people just have a uncontrollable fear of snakes, which I can understand because I have a fear of the dark and everyone in my house insists on leaving all of the lights off.

Snakes are easy to care for pets that many people find endearing. They aren't as attached to their owners as a cat or dog would be, but they probably still care about their owners a little. My snake is actually really nice and he's good around my other pets. It's usually my cats that try to swat at him when he moves. he's very small and I care for him more than anything in the world. He's one of the only reasons I'm still here. I actually get nightmares every night of him getting hurt in some way because he's so small. I mean, I have four other animals that are all bigger than him.

If you want to combat your fear of snakes, I suggest learning about which types are and aren't dangerous. I also suggest trying to watch videos of snakes. Snakes are often very fearful of humans. If my snake is sleeping or not paying attention and I need to pick him up, he usually gets startled easily but he calms down after he realizes it's just me. I have only been bitten by my snake when I was feeding him and he missed the mouse. Even then, biting is really rare for him.

I hope this answers your questions!