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Reply to - Losing my V card

Listen gentlemen, this is exactly what I was talking about. Here is a woman who writes that she is afraid of having intercourse for the first time. Jesus Christ, in 2020. And yet a man married her, and says he wants to have been babies with her. I believe her.

I am a sexual freak that most men say they fantasise about - threesomes, girl on girl, cuckolding, sex clubs, role playing, dominatrix bondage play, done it all - I don’t even watch porn - yet men won’t even ask me out on a date.

I find it so amusing to hear men who go on about women who need to be 10/10 in order for you to date them. The characteristics? Not being good in bed. But looking like someone who would star in a porn flick in some guy’s fantasy. Because you are all full of garbage. All liars. You go around talking about your wild libidos and how you just need it and you can’t get it.

We have these charlatans going around talking about how a woman has to be high value for a man to fall in love. That’s such a lie. But you’ll marry a woman who won’t have sex with you. Does anybody here understand what men are thinking?

I feel like I woke up on an alien planet or something. What is going on here? Why are all of you lying?

Dear, “losing my V card”. Your husband is has no sexual desire for you and is not in any hurry to deflower you. That’s why he married you. So he doesn’t have to deal with his insecurities and shortcomings in a mature way. And he knew about that when he married you. When you reject him he can keep doing what he wants because you feel bad. Stop lying to yourself. You’re afraid of losing your V card because you have this mistaken belief that being a virgin makes you a good person. Even though you’re married, you feel that you’re going to become a bad person if your hymen is broken. Go to a counsellor and have him talk to you about the fact that you’re immature bAnd that you have no business getting married to someone when you don’t understand basic human physiology and you don’t know how to identify and discuss the emotional needs that you and your spouse have to offer each other.