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Wow. To be honest I don’t even know what to say! I can’t believe that there is someone in the world who actually took interest in what I had to say. And the fact that you resonate with what I feel is just so comforting. Compassion and empathy are the most powerful and effective emotions in my eyes. Even when you think that you have hit rock bottom, it’s the feeling that you are not alone anymore which will motivate you to rise again.

From what you wrote I gathered that you also understand the pressures of being a student and although those issues are minor in a whole world perspective, I guess it’s the fact that it’s our lives and the problems that we face that make it so major to us. That may sound selfish, but hey what do I do? :) At the moment, I won’t be able to understand some great pains you may have gone through but I hope from the bottom of my heart, that you find strength to overcome all obstacles. You definitely deserve that.

The power of words is unfathomable. They can make you feel such strong emotions ranging from grief and sadness to immense happiness, when just arranged differently. I don’t know if you realise but for me, reading what you wrote (almost) made me cry of happiness. You never know when your own struggles can inspire others, and your advice was indeed insightful. (Fun fact: I coincidentally also started learning the guitar around two months ago, and yeah you’re right. Just playing for own happiness brings so much peace.) So I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being there and not being afraid. The world needs more kindness, and you give me that hope.


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This is so beautiful! I must say, you have a way with words. I feel like you must be that old, wise soul people keep talking about :)

I am so so so glad that I decided to reply. And I don't want to overdo what we've got, so let's let this be the last reply until one of us needs to be understood again. Sounds good?

And yes I agree, the thing about rock bottom is that you can't go further underneath, from here on there is only one way, up. And I hope you find all the strength and courage you need.

It's feels surreal how much words can heal.

I don't generally believe in fate, but I might just make an exception here.

This right here, is the 'find content in little things' moment I was talking about.

There are so many things I can go on saying right now, but as I said, I don't want to ruin this.

So I'll just be content that I have a friend in the 'virtual world' who is so much like me. What we would've been had we met in the real world, doesn't matter anymore. We might have been the same selfish people we talk about, who knows? But if your words are as real as they sound, I couldn't relate to you more.

No amount of words can justify my emotions right now.

You have no idea the impact the words 'you give me that hope' actually have on me.

So hey fellow guitarist, I thank you for inspiring me and for your kind words.

I hope you find happiness and content. I hope you can embrace failure and fight back. I hope you win!

Much love and courage to you!

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