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Resistance moving forward

So last night I had a dream. I was just going for a light jog around the park near my house, and then I saw these 2 men just standing around by their pickup truck, so I avoided them a bit and sped up as I ran past them, then I heard one of them say "there's our next victim," and they hopped into their pickup truck and began driving towards me. So I tried to sprint home, and as I was trying to run it was as if I were running in slow motion. I was trying so hard to sprint, but it felt like there was this force field pushing me back. I made it home though, but not fast enough, because they saw where I lived. They got into my house and I had to hide somewhere, then I woke up.

Have you ever had a dream where you were running from someone or something and you just couldn't run no matter how much you tried?

Or do you know the meaning of not being able to run in a dream?

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Re: Resistance moving forward

Oh yeah I’ve had that loads

I looked it up quickly and it looks like it has stuff to do with no self esteem etc.

i advise researching it

the dreams where you don’t wake up in time are the worst tho

once I had this dream that I was running from some people but I couldn’t run fast enough and they cut my throat

yeah not nice

anyway just research it

sorry I probably wasn’t of much help