Retired to be a Ghetto cumdump

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I've finally achieved my lifelong dream. I retired from a public university after 23 years (we are allowed to count accumulated sick leave toward retirement, so I could retire early). I've lived a frugal lifestyle, so between my savings, investments, and my monthly retirement income I am very comfortable. Since I'm free of any social backlash for homosexual activities, I felt relatively free to indulge in my fantasies. I own a modest home in a nice part of town, but I've used my saving to purchase a second home in the "ghetto" neighborhood.

My goal? I want to be a cum dump for all those poor, trashy, beautiful, alpha nigger thugs.

I'm pretending to be poor white trash who lives there because I have no choice. I've introduced myself around and have adopted the persona of an middle aged man on disability so know one believes I have anything of worth. The home I purchased isn't in disrepair or anything, but is simple and sparse - only a little furniture purchased from thrift shops, except for a high end mattress on my king size bed. I want to be comfortable while I'm being sodomized, after all.

I downloaded a popular hook up app for my phone. Interest was almost immediate. Niggers LOVE white pussy, even if it's faggot pussy. Last night I had my first visitor...a young heavy set nigger who said he was straight but needed to nut and didn't want anyone to know he fucked a fag. I agreed to a middle of the night anonymous fuck and go. I unlocked my door a couple of minutes before he was scheduled to arrive and waited in my bedroom on the bed, face down and ass up - I was douched well and ready. My heart was pounding in the silence of my house.

I heard him enter, then the loud click of the deadbolt locking. I have soft led nightlights in the hallway so he found me easily. I found myself writhing on the bed while I listened to him undress. He was a big man, and the bed creaked and the mattress lowered under his weight when he crawled in behind me. I moaned when he massaged my ass cheeks and spread them with large, strong and hot hands. I nearly screamed when he suddenly buried his face into my crack and began licking and sucking on my asshole - I had not expected that.

For several minutes he ate and fingered my hole, easing in one finger at first - then 2, then 3. He chuckled when I began to moan a little in protest and whispered that he needed to open me up some, otherwise I'd probably not be able to take his cock. I relaxed and let him work, feeling my hole get tired and stop resisting him. He found the lube I'd left out for him and began to wet my hole with it...squirting more and more onto his fingers and sliding them deep into my hole, turning them to stretch me open wider. Suddenly, he shifted to align his crotch with my wet and slimy asshole and I felt the rubbery knob of a very large cockhead pressed against my hole.

I was a little worried, but knew this was what I wanted. Thankfully he didn't shove his cock into me...he fucked it in with short strokes a little at a time - sometimes withdrawing and I heard the bottle of lube squirt more lube onto his cock. He fucked slowly, inching his long thick nigger cock into my hole until finally he sighed, fully balls deep inside me. I whimpered, struggling to take it without crying out. He whispered for me to squeeze his cock with my hole as hard as I could and to hold it. He sighed as I complied. I bore down as long as I could, then relaxed when he asked me to. He hauled his cock completely out of my hole, then slid back inside. Again, he told me to squeeze his cock as long as I could. After a few times, I realized he was exhausting my sphincter and I was loosening up.

When my hole was slack enough, then he began to fuck. I can't describe how it felt being under this huge man while he pumped what seemed to be a gigantic nigger dick in and out of my faggot cunt. I was aware of my moans and grunts, feeling completely cored out and paralyzed under his weight. I hear his panting and the wet, squelching and embarrassing sound of his cock. I lost all sense of time. It felt like a dream.

I snapped to attention when he whispered "Imma nut, faggot. Imma nut in that cunt." He fucked much harder then, ramming his nigger cock into me and forcing me deeper into the mattress beneath him. It felt very much like he was going to pull my asshole completely inside out. Suddenly he buried his cock inside and bore down with all his weight. I felt his cock thicken even more and he almost whined - I felt his nigger cock pulsing then, and I knew that he was shooting his hot, thick cum into my pummeled guts. I lost count of how many squirts he shot inside me.

I felt him relax on top of me, his cock still buried. He dozed off, and began to snore a little. I didn't struggle. I was still, although his weight was making it hard to breath. I felt his cock soften inside me, until finally it was pliable enough for my hole to expel him. That woke him up, and he hauled himself off me. I remained still, listening to him dress. He said nothing to me, not even a thanks. I heard him walk down the hallway, unlock the door, and let himself out.

I hated the thought of trying to move, but for safety's sake I made myself get up on shaky legs that didn't want to support my weight to go unlock the door. I made it to the small dingy bathroom to sit on the toilet, just in time for my asshole to begin farting his massive load out. My hole was burning and sore, stinging from his caustic nigger cum. After I felt the last of his thick, glue-like sperm spray out of my asshole I stood up to see his load in the toilet - along with a little blood.

I showered and douched a little, then passed out in bed. He was the first nigger to use my pussy for relief, and I knew he wouldn't be the last. Retirement was going to be everything I'd hoped for.

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