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Ri S F Op E nd Mi

Since this is anonymous Imma be honest here

As if that guy would see this :p

I don't understand you at all. At. All.

You're the one who beg me to stay and then you just walked away. Wtf.

I'm mad at you. Like really mad. It hurts so damn bad when you left like we never know each other. I wanna curse at you more but idk why can't really be mad at you.

Cause you walk away like that, can't you let me go now we're nothing? Yeah I still love you so deeply god dammit. I just wanna move on cause I know you deserve better. You're the older one, so Let. Me. Go. 💢

If you're not ready for commitment then don't tie me to you... Sometimes you act like I'm still your gf and then you act like stranger.

Yeah I love you. Love at the first sight.