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Romance is dead.

Am almost ready to give up. 

Got a few dating apps. 

Am open to one night stands. 

Had one guy come to my flat. He says his kid is sick and leaves. 

Had another guy agree with meeting in public. A get to where we agreed to meet. Oh I get a message saying his "car broke down". 

Everyone else is just wanting pictures and dirty talk.

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5 months ago

Re: Romance is dead.

You could always take a break form the pursuit of romance. Rember that bringing some one into your life can be a very stressful and not always rewarding choice to spend your time. Spend some of that time and energy working on things that you enjoy or hobbies that make you happy. Healthy relationships cannot be forced. If you find yourself in a loop of rejection or people blowing off dates then its nothing to remorse over. If they have no interest in continuing the relation ship further then thats their own vendetta. Also the reasons you describe such as having to take care of a sick family member or a broken down car can be perfectly legitimate reasons. If you suspect these to be bold faced lies to keep you from being upset then your looking too deeply into what could be nothing. Romance is a fickle and rare thing, that is why romance is so special. But life is full of so many more special things. There are the joys of hard work and self expression, the passions of seeking out knowledge. Find some thing, anything to take your life into a place of movement and action and allow it to flourish.