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Romantic crap SMH

genuinely when I like someone the factor of the way they look is not my biggest priorty, honestly I look for someone I can have a connection with. I am not saying that looks are not a factor, but I love someone that can make me laugh. the fact that movie alway depict a relationship having to be two attractive people like Pretty Women or Twilight, but honestly I makes me feel invalid sometime cause I really love the way someone makes me feel. Then the people I am closes to says they are ugly, and dont get me wrong some people I have dated were not the best looking but I loved them for there personality and their smile. I have dark humor, and I am not alway the easiest to get along with but let's be honest I want someone to grow old with and be crazy old people who do the stupidest shit. Honestly, I do not get the judging on the way people look because everyone is beautiful and yeah we have ugly features we all hate but they're is people out there who will make you forget all that crap. Let me leave off by saying y'all dont know me, but I love his crazy stupid ass. He lights up my face when he calls and I can't help it and I know we have a roller coaster of complicated shit but I hope one day we can get fucking high and laugh our asses off together. I love him so fucking much!!!!!!!

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Re: Romantic crap SMH

I hope your relationship with the crazy stupid ass guy makes you even more happy than you had ever dreamt you could be. I am a romantic, like you. I believe love relationships should be based on characters not looks, because a relationship based on the person'd look doesn't sound much stable as looks change over time.

Oh man , a girl after my own heart! (SOMEbodys been WATCHin the CHIIIICK.... FIIIIX "repeat")..LOL..How olds you mom? older sister?.LOVE your TUDE... I can really your feel your vibe throughout the article here. That rollercoaster ride sounds promising knowing that ya both share a bond that will likely withstand ALOTTA BS all the while reveling in some batshitcrazy "romantic CRAP"...LOL...A most enjoyable read!