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roommate confession

My roommates are mostly female.  Two don’t work. They sleep by day & have fun by night. They keep me up. Video games. Music. They will just wander into my room nude looking for their stuff (my room is full of their clothes & stuff).  They plop down in my chair spread eagle & drunk. Start chatting. It’s funny if one just passes out. I feel like a gynecologist.  They need to eat better. Currently they are still trim & large breasts. But middle age is coming. All that saturated fat & alcohol will catch up.  Then there’s the old lady. She falls asleep on the couch. Every time someone goes to the bathroom she wakes up. Needs in the bathroom. You walk in. 30 secs later she’s beating on the door.  On the other end of the house are the people who work by day & sleep by night. It’s like trying to sleep in a circus tent.  Now the two young women have a third living by us. She might as well live with us. Now there’s 3 nudists roaming around.  I can’t even shower in peace. They just stroll in nude to do their hair. I’m old; what’s the deal with women wanting to be bald down stairs? The new one will just climb right in the shower with me. So I step out & see the bush being cut.   My ex wife created quite the situation for me. LOL