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I was raped.

i don’t wanna tell anyone I feel so ashamed. It was in school. I really need someone to

talk to but I’m so afraid of them not believing me. I’m so scared. I’m 14. I guess so right now my only option was to write on this website. Nobody knows me. Nobody can judge me. My parents will hate me more then they already do. My dad stopped talking to me. My mom never talks to me she’s to busy drinking. My siblings have there own things to worry about or are too young. I hope someone can read this eventhough it’s pretty long. Sorry. It happened a month ago now. I just remember how painful my stomach was after it all. I keep getting mad at my boyfriend for making “inappropriate” comments and then it turns I to an argument. The thing is, the jokes aren’t even that serious. It just triggers me. And eventually he’s also going to leave me. I’ve been self harming a lot. I have thoughts and couldn’t sleep. So I stuff my face with melatonin gummies every night. I wake up with headaches and sweating. I can’t stop having nightmares about what happened to me. I feel gross. It was my first time and I feel useless and that’s all my body is worth. Sex. I hate being a female. I wish I was more appreciated.

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