Rude people

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Rude assed people.

One of my roommates sucks. I like her. But she’s rude. 7-8 of us share a house. My room is full of the two youngest females clothes (they are like 30). They love to party. So earlier I was sound asleep. My few clothes are in a tub. My hunting clothes in a military bag in my car. A closet & dressers are full of women’s clothes. Underwear. Shoes. Makeup. Lotions. Perfumes. They will set in there & get drunk. Then take showers. Then they walk in my room nude. Lean over me & try to flirt. Then giggle. Lights on. Look for clothes. Talk. Put on lotion. Pass out spread eagle in my chair by my bed. I remember college. They aren’t in college. Nor am I.

By the way they are both very attractive. Large breasts. Small waists. Quite annoying. So one of their drunk asses finally left my room. I can finally get my soldier to go down so as to go pee.

But one of their teen sons is then in the only bathroom. I wait over an hour to pee. I give up & go outside. I pee on her door handle. You gotta admit that’s funny. Usually I pee on her hubcaps. Anyways I had to get up. When he shits he puts an entire roll of toilet paper in there too. Entire roll. Stops it up. Flushes. Runs to room. He thinks it’s funny. The oldest lady in house just had to go poop out by the woods. I felt bad & helped her clean up the bathroom.

The teen is perfectly normal. But his dad is a useless black dude. The mom grew up spoiled & wont do shit. I like the teen. I tried to teach him stuff when I first moved in. But she gets mad & yells if anyone tries to teach him anything. The other man in the house laughed at me. He said just stay in your room. She thinks her son has a vagina. My daughter is more of a man than her son.

I appreciate that she loves him. But he’s a normal kid. No disabilities. His dad has 8 kids by 6 women & doesn’t pay a dime for any of them. For those of you in other countries most black men in America refuse to raise their kids or help pay to raise them. They feel the government should do it. She’s white by the way. Looks part Spanish. Not certain. But grew up a spoiled liberal. Now she’s a drunk.

Anyways her son has two men in the house that could teach her lazy assed son to work on cars; repair homes; hunt; fish; cook; program & fix computers. I tried. He really liked it. Poor kid. His drunk mom got mad at me one too many times. So I stopped.

Same for school. He’s home schooling during the pandemic. I have 7 degrees. I used to teach a Physics. But she treats me like I’m a retard. She & her 10th grade education knows everything. He doesn’t need any help. He’s smart. If he needs help she will help him. So be it. I just rent s cot in this joint. So I just watch my movies. But they have cut into my sleep. Unlike them I’m not a vampire. I do not sleep by day. She does. Now her son does.

Man I need some sleep. When you hit 60 it sucks. I may look young but I’m old.