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I fucked UP. They do not lie when they say good dick makes you do crazy things. Had a thing for this guy when we were in our teens and nothing came of it. well...fast forward to 10 years later and I'm married & he's a father. He reaches out and we agree to meet which spirals into a his place my place sexual fantasy and satisfaction. Honestly knew I was ruined the moment he said "I love you"

Well jump to a month deep into the fling the sex is still there but I want more. I start holding out on my husband and start trying to be sneaky. Today i had to come up with the biggest lie i've ever come up with and i dont even know if id believe it. I kept telling myself id leave the entanglement with dignity and that ive developed an amazing husband. Yet, i am STILL so shocked that i feel so...empty. Give me a month or two, i'll get over it. Just need to work through the emotions