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Ruined everything

I’ve been depressed since I was maybe 8, and autistic, and both of those things combined mean I’ve neglected my oral health and hygiene since I was very little. I’m finally in a place to get help for it and have been working hard to improve my health but I have so many cavities and it doesn’t matter how much I brush Or floss or use mouthwash or how careful I am about what I eat and brushing after eating they keep getting worse. I’m starting to feel like it’s hopeless again and I’ve done so much damage that it’ll never be alright, even though comparatively the cavities are all Fairly small

I feel like even once they’ve been treated new ones will just come up and ruin everything. It’s the one challenge I’ve been working hard to conquer and I feel like it’s hopeless. I just want to die. I’d love to kill myself right now but I’m not brave enough and never have been brave enough. I just want it to be over I want to be healthy