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Run away/move out (pinoy)

I am planning to run away. I don't care if my family disowned me. I had too much insults that I don't deserve. I don't want to deal with my dad's drama anymore. He is such a narcissist. He has the guts to tell me about family values but he himself did such sin before. He keeps on talking like he is so perfect that he did not committed any sins. I did my best to be a better daughter. I keep my mouth shut to avoid arguments. I keep moving in tip toe to avoid upsetting him. But everything I do is not enough.

Now I am decided to live with my boyfriend. I don't want to do it because we are not in a hurry but I will this time. I can't take the words I'm receiving from my family. I don't know if they care for me because nobody is defending me. My dad is calling me a whore because I had a boyfriend and I kept it for 1 year. But me and my boyfriend confessed months ago because we don't want him to know about it from other people. But it was useless. My dad is very angry and keeps telling me that I turned my back to my family, that I am cheap, that I am a whore. I mean why would he say that. I was just afraid last year that's why I kept it but we already confessed. I am not pregnant. I haven't had sex. I am not in a relationship with multiple guys. So why?

I don't want to go but I have too. The insult is too much to take. I don't deserve it. Now they're making me choose between my boyfriend and family. I will choose my boyfriend (you might call me stupid). Because if my family really loves me they will not make me choose and let me be. They're the one making the issue not me.

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Re: Run away/move out (pinoy)

Tell them what you feel.

Sometimes, you need to take a deep breath and express yourself.


If you can't tell it personally, write a letter.

Consider your family. It's always best to obey than to sacrifice.

I don't know what you are really going through, but all i am telling here is what the Bible says. to always honor your parents.

They also are growing old.

I need someone to talk to.