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as per usual, I'm stuck in my room with no sunlight. my life is boring and depressing but what made it even more depressing is the lockdown during winter where no one knows where the days go or when they come. due to such horrible days the suicide rates has been going up.

im currently on my laptop at 3:15 trying to think of words to put into sentence. life is miserable. there is no one to rely on or a shoulder to cry on. everyone changes.

ive been planning on running away i mean moving out as ill be 18

my family loves me but i want a future, if i stay here there will be no future for me or my kids, they will expect me to stay at home be a housewife after i turn 18 and i know that because ive seen is happen to my sisters and i have more potential, i know i can be more independent, i have a friend who lives in a flat given by the government ill move in with her and itll be easier for me and her.

xoxo SJ

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