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running towards love!!!

I have always been this kind of person that hide all my feeling even if it hurts so bad ,but not this time.So i have been friends with a guy ever since we were 10years old and we been very close that everybody was thinking we had something deeper,so this guy knew all my secrets, how i approach everything,my facial expression and all that.when we started high school i dated a lot of guys and the last one broke my heart so bad that i even thought of becoming a tomboy,i mean c`mon i was literally pi***d by guys expect my bestfriend.time passed and one day my bestfriend had a car accident and i cried so bad ,i was bout to get crazy on the way to the hospital when i had the news but it thankfully it was a minor injury .i got home,my heart was still in its race,i kept thinking wats goin on.i kept pushing away this thought but that was till he recoverd and he visited me.YOH!! it was hectic man,my heart was beating so fast ,my eyes on the ground , i could not even hug him like i always did,but he realised that something was up.next day at school i avoided him all day i did not even talk to him and he was very disappointed because he knew i will never spend a day without talking to him.i ignored him for weeks,then one day he approached me and said it straight into my eyes that he knows i have a crush on him,i had the opportunity to break the news but no i denied it...i said "i know you i mean thats how behaved with all your ex`sor are you afraid of love now"i could not believe it .....i started crying telling him than i love him too much that i did not want him in my ex list!! buh he said "come taste my love,want it like your ex or too much"i mean i can run towards his love cant i?