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I'm so sad i feel like ending mah life there's no one for me my ex and i parted aways 8 months ago I still can't get him off my mind but now he is dating my bestfrnd let's call her n i can't hold this much of pain. I feel everyone around me is so fake and asshole like what do you think you are? motherfuckers one day I'm gonna tell you all piece of shit y'all are. My only guy best whom I liked told me that he liked me too suddenly his behavior is changed he doesn't love me like before and all this is I think happening of this lady n i hate you n you've destroyed my life totally now I'm not even able to concentrate on studies I'm in a board class i should be staying but my life is messed up my face is unclear my body is full of fat acne on my face I hate my life so much gawd please kill me i have no one in this world please i can't bear this pain anymore.

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Re: Sad

I'm no love guru or can't help much since I was born with the title single for life and I'm more of an asexual but don't end your life over him and her. They are not worth it.

I'm not great at giving advice but I think you need to cut these type of people out of your life. They are only dragging you down and are not positive influence on you. I think you should express your emotions of sadness and anger by doing something that helps to make you a more beautiful person. Like why don't you try working out to make yourself feel stronger and try distracting yourself by doing lots of famous or hillarious challenges out there like today I saw this spicy noodles challenge, it looked fun and I tried it but I have high spice tolerance so I won easily.

Or you can try doing anything just to distract your mind. Try to keep yourself busy and soon you'll forget about them.

I know that you loved both of them but let's be honest you'll be better off without them.

Not sure if this helped but stay strong and keep surprising yourself.