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Sad Birthday

It’s my 18th birthday in a few hours but I have no plans at all for it. All my other friends make very big deals out of their birthday and it saddens me that I don’t even get a gift on mine. My friends keep asking me what am I up to but there’s nothing, imma just sit at home and be sad. I cry every year on my birthday because even my mom doesn’t bother tell me happy birthday when she knows it’s my bday. The little things matter. Now whenever my birthday approaches I get very nervous , I hate it so much, and I just want it to pass. Sorry for the negativity it just really gets to me and I wish I can properly celebrate Happily like others

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Re: Sad Birthday

Happy birthday! I am so sorry that you're feeling this way on your birthday :( i may not personally know you but by just reading your entry here, breaks my heart into pieces.

i am here to tell you that someday, you'll be able to celebrate your birthday happily with the people you love! I am gonna pray for that! So don't lose hope and cheer up!! Think of this as a challenge.

don't be nervous! Breathe in, breathe out. Again, HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your day by doing things you love the most! You are loved <3 PROMISE ME STARTING THIS TIME, YOU'LL BE HAPPY AND YOU'LL NOT CRY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, OKAY?

Leave others just focus on yourself properly dressup go out n enjoy i believe you dont even need anyone for being happy its only you who can be happy if you want to. I am sure go out on your birthday buy a cake make pieces along with few Edible items and distribute it to the homeless and needy ppl you see sitting on pavements, as a celebration of your 18th birthday and you will know what is the actual meaning of being happy. :) try it and let me know on my email komi34.ka@gmail.com. Take care and cheer up Happy 18th birthday to you see I just wished you so Smile