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Sad love:(

im in love with someone who doesn’t want me, I’ve tried talking to him, I’ve told him how I feel, he should know by now that my post are about him but he just doesn’t care. Is it..because I don’t love myself enough or am I just not enough? I question myself everyday about why he doesn’t want me. I should move on but it’s so hard and heart braking. He’s the one I want. In my eyes he’s perfect...

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ur amazing

never forget your worth. it hurts me to tell you this because I have been in this situation but if he doesn’t care it’s his loss because. I bet you’re amazing and beautiful and shouldn’t be wasting your time on guys like that. ❤️ it sucks and it will break your heart but you need to move on you cannot be stuck on a boy who simply doesn’t care because you are better than that.