Sad love story

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Me and my cousin spent alot of time together. We spent many nights talking together. We share everything and we don't hide anything between us.we had a beautiful relationship from childhood. He is my most favorite cousin. When everybody hurted me he is the only one who stood by my side . Every single time he supports me. As years flown he got interest in me . We always sleep together. One night we were watching a movie together. After watching the movie we slept. Middle of the night he couldn't control himself and touched me . I was really scared at first . But am also interested in him . But we didn't tell each other about our feelings. Days gone . I am scared to confess my love to him . He also scared to say . We both thought that if we confess our love it might break our friendship as well as the beautiful bond between us . Family pressured him to get married. And he said yes to the girl one day . I started crying like anything. And that night confessed my love to him . He told me that he also loves me. But we had no idea what to do because he already said yes to the girl . But we started our relationship. He got married to the girl recently whom he doesn't love . Now both the relationship between us died. I want him back without hurting anyone. He also wants me . I lost my bestfriend. He couldn't start his new life with his wife . We are really confused about this situation. Could anyone help us with any solution?