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sad poem

sad, mad, terrified, with voice full of cries, eyes breaking inside, palms wet full of sweat. Upset watching the sunset, with leap of sleep. People keep needle tip to dig it in her skin. She hates thee fates, prince charming didnt seem so alarming. Barbie was more of her style, ah that beautiful smile. Boys made a lot of noise while girls with smiles like pearls, miles away from what seemed like a mess, their dress possessed by the charm of farm. She looked out the window and puts out the zone out. Graffiti with words of threats she felt her regrets. Rolling down are tears yet she hears cheers. Fears creeping in her mind people blind behind her "im fine". But its been years since she felt what she regret, deciding to keep hiding her secrets with sleepless and sweetness needless she knew she was the weakest. The smiles not ready to show what hides behind. Its a dark place, no one needs to hide. its alright.

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