SAD Story of working mother.

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You get married and you come in a joint family.

Here in this family everything is controlled from your clothes to your income.

You have to give your share in the family that is ok because you are part of family.

Now you not go out as much as you were going before that is also ok after marriage you have to adjust.

You do not get to visit to your parents house that much though their house is nearby.

When you want to visit you finish all household chores and go to your parent's house then there also there is only one thing in your mind you have to go again before it is late. You can not enjoy anything due to this pressure.

As you are working you have constant guilt that you are not participating enough in household chores still you try to juggle both work and home.

Your health suffers still you ignore it.

You get pregnant, still you are working both at work and home.

You are trying hard but nobody cares for you. Not your husband also.

You are not allowed to goto your parents house when you are 7 months pregnant.

You fight with all and you go at your parents home because you know there is no other way to get rest and continue your office from home.

No phone call with anybody not with your husband also.

You cry daily while you are pregnant. You are broken inside completely.

Then baby comes. After sometime husband visits your home, you talk. Time passes. Baby comes. Within one month you are again at the place you hate, your husband's home. You then stand up within a month to do household chores, nobody gives a shit about your sleep or your health. Now you have to manage a baby , postpartum depression, household chores. Days are passing , sometimes your baby is crying but you are doing household chores because of the guilt. You cry a lot. You are shattered. Days pass by. Baby grows. You start your office work. It is very difficult to manage all things. You get such a project which is very demanding. You work hard, hard and hard. You fail to manage both. You get warning letter from company, you get bad words from your boss. You are shattered again. Your family members also criticise you on daily basis how you can not keep up with the chores. You have your own mom guilt. You worry are your family members are feeding your baby on time while you are working and not available for her. You are suffering daily. You get thoughts of suicide. You are suffering , you get thoughts of divorce like from the 2nd day of the marriage due to this control freak family.

You don't get any idea how to go forward. Everybody is trying to put you down.