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I’m 31. My ex is 42. We were living together for 3 years together for 4 before we broke up a year ago . I am having a terrible time . I am a nurse , my boyfriend asked me to leave his condo a few months into the pandemic , this was extremely stressful esp as I was very stressed at work . They told me that I may not be able to have children and as I get older I worry I won’t find anyone in time . This adds insult to injury . My ex refuses to work on things always citing stupid reasons why it won’t work. We fight too much , now we own separate condos ... all these bullshit excuses . Today I had communication with him I am so frustrated he gives up so easily . My feelings are hurt I would do anything for him . My dreams of having a family are shattered . I have a shitty support system I don’t want to bother my family or friends . My sister is pregnant I’m so happy for her but I’m miserable inside with no one to talk too .