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Sadness as usual

I feel worthless. But hey most of us on here probably say that. I just need to get this of my chest but I feel like my mum dosent care at all, if I died tonight she wouldn't realise till tomorrow and even then she would be fine. She has her boyfriend there and their newborn. There set. And there not even trying to get my brother back.if he's there it thell tale the newborn and it'll be harder to get them back.they don't care. There risking it all to have a relationship that is toxic. I don't get it. Me and mum was really close, we were like bestfriends and then something happened.. idk what or how but it did. I lost my bestfriend and my mum. I came out of a break up not long ago and I'm broken. All she dose is rub it in my face that she has someone. I have hated the way IV looked for ages. My pimples any fat my scars my stretch marks. I look at myself in disqust everyday. My bestfriend since a 6 month old baby we barely talk, she's chosen guys over me. My dad oh my dad I miss him so much,ithink of him everyday, about what life could be or could've been, if he didn't overdose.. maybe I wouldnt grow up wondering if it was me, if us kids wernt enough, I would do anything to hear him or see him one last time, my pop died this year, I seen him as couple days before he passed, I'm lucky, his last thing he said to me is that he wish he had more time, IV lost everything.I'm so lost, I think it's my time to go..