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Sadness is now normal.

The availability of the world's quota of stuff ensuring a normal life is confusing. You have a family, job and your friends; so it seems as if you've got all to be happy, but these are the society's set standard; just like the phrase, 'Roti, kapda aur Makaan'.

Consider my example, I have a beautiful family but not many friends. I'm suffering from a skin disease, so I frequently get frustrated and irritated and kinda depressed.

I cry, like I am crying right now. The problem here is, how much of a period is allotted for crying? like in my mom's opinion, If i am sad for a certain amount of time more than she seems fine, it gets as if she's done and acts arrogant that she's dealt with her fixed quota of my sadness and acts like chal ho gaya!

So now I have restricted on my emotions to let flow before her.

If you know what I mean.