Sammy, sweet girl

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I reported my neighbor to animal control. Her dog is emaciated, so thin and sad and lonely.

I first saw this dog a year ago. I was shocked at her appearance. I mentioned it to my parents, who said that the neighbor said the dog was “naturally thin.”

I moved back in with my parents in August. I wanted to rescue this sweet doggie but didn’t know how.

my fear was that if I reported her to animal control, the dog would still not be rescued and maybe the abuse would even escalate.

a long time ago I reported suspected sexual abuse of a minor, and nothing was done, the report was “unfounded” and the abuser became emboldened.

I couldn’t let that happen again.

i call this dog “Sammy”

every night I sneak food through the fence so Sammy can find it in the morning and have something to eat. I have a dog so I have plenty of dog food. I use a paper plate like a funnel and pour through food to the other side.

sammy would see me when I play with my dog in the back yard and so I started giving her treats during that time too. She can get kind of “food aggressive” so I bought these “munchy dumbbell” treats that are like sticks so I can safely give her treats through the fence.

the woman who owns her is mean and crazy. She has confronted me while I was out walking my dog, saying my dog poops on her lawn (which doesn’t happen). She screamed and acted irrational.

the other day I think she saw me giving her dog a treat. She started screaming at the dog to come here right now. The tone of her voice was very scary.

I just want Sammy to be warm and fed and loved. she’s a good dog.

I knew I couldn’t keep this up forever. I can’t live at my parents house forever and I can’t leave Sammy here. Also, caring for this dog, even what little I do, is tiring. On the nights when it rains, I can’t leave her anything. I can’t care for her while being powerless to care for her.

so just now I filled out the email to report to animal control. I’ll follow up by phone tomorrow.

I prayed to God to tell Sammy I love her and I’m so sorry I didn’t come through for her sooner. That she needs to be brave when she gets taken from her home, be brave and strong and good and find a new home, let a new family into her heart. She deserves more during her stay in this world.

please God don’t let anything else bad happen to her, let her new family come get her & give her everything good.

ill be honest too, I’m going to miss her sweet little face on the other side of the fence. I’ll miss her waggy tail, every day.

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