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I don’t know what it feels to be paranoid..but I think I might be. I don’t know..

I’m scared every night that I go to sleep.

Before I just go ahead and vent..please don’t respond with “I’m telling the police!” Or anything of the sort...

all I want to do is vent...and you’re ruining my day by saying stuff like that. Plus, you’ll make me even more scared of living. parents once put a camera in my room because they caught me studying at night. :p weird..

They removed it after a while, but since then, I can’t help but feel scared every night. Every day, right before I go to bed, I would check my room for cameras.

I just feel like people are watching me.

I guess it would help if I stop staying up so much -w-

I asked my parents if they put a camera in my room. They said that they will ask me, or inform me before they do it again. But I don’t trust them.

I can’t tell them that I feel this.

they already had a hard time when they found out that I cut myself.

I can’t ruin their lives again.

I don’t know what to do anymore...advice??