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Scared to kill myseld

Ive started entertaining thoughts of suicide about 4 months ago and the thoughts get clearer everyday, but im a pussy and unless i know i can find a painless way to do it that is 100% gonna work then i wont do it. Sadly today i found a way, and now im scared that in my dark moments ill do it. I dont wanna die, even if i wanna kill myself. Its weird. I tried to go to therapy but i guess i had bad luck with a therapist who from the first diagnosed me with depression and sent me to a psychiatrist to prescribe me meds and i dont want all that. Im just scared of ending my own life.

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Re: Scared to kill myseld

Hey. I know thinking of ending it is easy, and finding a way to just be done makes it even easier. But think about all the good people you have yet to meet. There are people who will make amazing impacts on your life and if you kill yourself, you’ll never meet them. Don’t miss out on your life’s future big moments. Keep living. If not for yourself, for the people you have yet to meet

There is no possible way to die that is pain free other than dying of old age. Make sure that you don’t ever have the resources to kill your self using the method you’ve found. Try to get help. Stop looking up ways to kill yourself. People say there are ways to do it painlessly. They are liars. Leave them to keep their bullshit to themselves and focus on how to stop these thoughts. Don’t start cutting. Please dont. I do it and now I can’t stop. It’s addictive. Make sure you never ever try it.

hope things get better xx

dnot want to die There is no such thing as a painless method to kill. I understand going to a therapist could be terrifying after you’ve had such experience and that you don’t want to take ur meds, but sometimes u need to push urself a little. That being said even if u do take meds it’s not gonna solve all ur problems u still need to work on urself. I understand it’s easier said than done, when ur that low at ur life u have no motivation to do anything leave alone trying to work on urself. Start by trying to switch up ur daily routine, find the source of ur unhappiness and question it like “why does it make me unhappy?” “Is there a way to truly stop it?” “How do I get rid of it?” It helps getting to understand ur true motives and feelings which you could offend underestimate or overestimate. Try setting a grand goal in ur life. This helped me a lot tbh. You can also try setting tiny goals that lead to ur grand goal to keep u going. It gives u a reason to stay alive. Think of why you donot want to kys. Try doing things u love or spending time with ppl u love. Treat urself by ur fav meals and etc. I hope this is helpful and I hope u feel better soon. Pls don’t give up this world fucking sucks but it has its nice lil thingys too

as some one who have been there

you are scared ,that is a sigh that you want to stay alive


i love you. you are so loved. please dont leave, even if you feel like you wont be missed trust me there is someone that would miss you. i would miss you. please dont do this. i really hope that you can get the help you need, i know it gets hard but try your best to pull through. i am so proud of you and you got this<3.


I care about you

I'm waiting for your reply

I wanna know what's your favorite movie

I know you are thinking of that now

Hey, if you're scared to do it it's because you have now more reasons to stay and keep fighting

No matter the level, I mean yes but you're gonna do well

You're with me, let's be alone together

Therapist can be a shit sometimes, but there're good ones

Really good ones

From Me to Unique you