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Scared to Start Relationship

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The thing about experiencing something new is not being afraid to try but starting a relationship involves another human being who you will be the most closest with. Therefore, I personally do not want to start any relationship for now and that is not a problem at all at age 16. Different individuals have their own choices and decisions for their own good. I personally think that my first relationship should be worth it, you know, you of course will remember your first time and last so... Also involving another soul takes a life bravery unless someone fell in love so hard I guess.

No one is perfect in this world, therefore we have to find our half soul carefully and wisely. We all have our own criteria not specific one but at least one that is very precious to you that your half soul must have. For me, is that he must be understandable, loving, and always think about future life so that me and him could work things out to make our dreams comes true the way we wants it therefore there are goals in life, making our lives meaningful :)

Who is out there also thinks about these stuff? it's alright, you're not alone and it's not wrong to think this way coz nothing is wrong we just have our own perspectives to considerate- XOXO be courages, take care and stay safe