Scaring myself

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God wow to think a year ago I thought to msyelf

”I may be cripplingky sad but I will never go as far as to self harm”

and I havent

not fully

but a minute who I just thought to myeekf

maybe maybe if I cute myself a little I’ll feel better maybe it’ll hurt less maybe maybe maybe

so i grabbed my scissors and thought of doing it on my upper thigh so no one would see but I decided to test the sharpness first if it was even sharp enough

and it was

it woke me up a lil from the place I was in and I hid the scissors under some stuff

everythings fetting worse

I wanna be better then thid


im just a moody teenager and this is just a phase I’ll be better

ill get better I will I need to be I want to be better but it’s so hadd